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Asthma Going Forward

Campaign identity toolkit and art direction for GSK Respiratory communicating the benefits of combination therapy in the treatment of asthma Services &nbsp Brand Identity

Set to Achieve

Graphic design and branding for sales force to get up to speed for the launch of a ground-breaking treatment for LDL cholesterol. “Set to

Salford Food Share Network

Identity design for Salford Food Share Network, a partnership of all the major food crisis services across the city co-ordinated by Citizen’s Advice. @SalfordFSN

Character Design for Brands

A well-crafted character can serve as the personification of a brand’s values, personality, and target audience, creating a deep emotional connection with consumers. The

Dermatology Education

Brand strategy, identity and web design for Dermatology Education, an outreach initiative by experts and key opinion leaders working across dermatology research and clinical

Crew Together 2022

Event branding for Crew Clothing’s 2022 internal meeting at Eastnor Castle in the Malvern Hills, Herefordshire.. Services &nbsp Event Identity, Presentation Graphics Year &nbsp

Beard Keeper

Brand identity and packaging design for Beard Keeper natural oils and waxes. “First-class bead and facial hair control comes naturally…” Services &nbsp Branding, Web

One-Eyed Sun

The remit of One-Eyed Sun is to facilitate “distributed performance.” They are a production company with a singular but ambitiously broad vision born out
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